Frequently asked questions

Create Account & User’s Account

No. Because Tokn1 allows users to purchase and trade regulated digital assets, we have to restrict our product to certain countries. Click here to check if you are able to use Tokn1 freely.

You can create your personal account in 4 short and easy steps. 

  1. When you open the Tokn1 app click on the “Create an account” button.
  2. Complete the required fields with your personal information.
  3. Verify your email by introducing the 6 digit code we sent you.
  4. Set up a personal security pin and allow (optional) the biometric verification to access the Tokn1 app.

Done! You can start browsing the Tokn1 app with your personal account.

Once you created your account, you will be asked to verify your identity. This verification is mandatory in order to use the app because Tokn1 offers regulated assets. You can start the verification process by either clicking on the “Verify your account to start trading with Tokn1” banner that appears in every section of the app, or by entering the wallet section and clicking on the “Verify account” button. This action will start the verification process automatically.

You can easily recover your password by clicking on the “Reset password” button found on the log-in screen.

You can easily recover your username by clicking on the “recover username” button found on the log-in screen.

We put our main focus on security. This is why you will be automatically logged out after 24 hours of inactivity (when the app runs in the background of your phone). This doesn’t affect your orders placed in the secondary market. Simply log-in again and continue using the Tokn1 app where you left.

You can easily change the email address in the “general settings” section of the app. Enter the general settings section and click on the “Account details” button. Then, click on the “Change email” button. This will trigger the following flow where you can select a new email address to be linked to your account. Confirm the new email by clicking on the “Update email” button.

No. Your username is unique to your account and you are not able to change it.

KYC Process

No. We require the personal verification of all users that trade on the Tokn1 app because of the regulated nature of the digital assets that we offer on our platform.

Since we offer regulated digital assets, which provide advantages over other existing cryptocurrencies, we are obliged to verify the personal information of every user that operates in the Tokn1 app. The regulation and the licenses Tokn1 has, require us to have a Know Your Customer (KYC) process and guarantee operations are under the AML standard in the jurisdictions where we provide our services.

You have to be over 18 years old and you will need to provide a valid personal identification document and a proof of address document (electric bill, cable bill, phone bill, etc). Additionally, we will ask you to take a selfie picture and confirm you personal information.

If you have all the required documents prepared, the process should not take more than 2 minutes from start to finish. We partnered with a professional provider who specializes in making the registration process as simple as possible for the end user.

Generally, it takes less than 5 minutes to verify your identity. This is the case for most of the people who undergo our process. Nevertheless, there may be some exceptions depending on your personal information, where the data has to be verified manually and the verification times may vary.

Yes. You can interrupt the verification process at any point. We designed our app to take you back to the exact point where you left the verification to avoid any inconvenience.

You can see the status of your verification in the general settings. The status will be 1 of 5 different possibilities: 

  • Pending: You still have to undergo the verification process
  • In progress: You started the process but interrupted it before all the steps were completed or you completed the process but there is not a definitive result yet.
  • Completed: You completed the verification process and are free to use all the features that the Tokn1 app offers.
  • Error: Something went wrong. You can redo the process if this message appears.
  • Not Approved: You are not qualified to use the Tokn1 App.

There can be a number of reasons for the rejection of your KYC verification. The most commons are blurry pictures of the documentation, blurry selfie pictures or the not matching of your personal information with the provided documentation. Please verify that all the provided documents are clearly visible and follow the instructions according to the guidelines.

A politically exposed person is someone who has been entrusted with a prominent public function or high political role. A PEP holds or has held a high ranking position at the executive, legislative, military, administrative or judicial branch of the government, or is of their immediate family.

This is one of the requirements that Tokn1 has to comply with in order to offer you the digital assets.


Tokn1 is not only designed to be an investment platform, but we want to offer a space where you can interact with the tokenized companies. In this section you gain access to the latest information relevant to your investments. Like, comment, follow and interact with everyone.

The account username is sensible information. In order for you to participate safely in the community section, without giving up this sensible information, you have to set up a new username, which will only be visible in your post interactions.

We decided to split all the posts in these three categories to organize the information you see. The different posts are going to transition from fresh to trending and to hot depending on the amount of interaction they have. This allows us to show you the most relevant information in the hot section, the moderate information in the trending section and the new information in the fresh section.

No. As a Tokn1 app user you are limited to likes and comments. Only the tokenized companies and Tokn1 will be able to create new posts on the network section.

Fast trade

We wanted to give the user a simple trading experience where you only have to select the token and amount you want to trade to buy or sell an asset. We understand that all the financial information can sometimes be overwhelming and this is why we tried to simplify the buying and selling process as much as possible.

Basically, once you determine the amount of the tokens you want to buy or sell, the app will check the orderbook against your operation and execute it automatically, without showing you confusing graphs or advanced order books that may interfere with your decision making process.

The specific operation is a spot market buy or spot market sell. This means that the price is determined by the average market price between the selling and buying orders.

Slippage is defined as the price difference between the placed order and the actual transaction price. We predetermined a slippage limit of 2% to prevent sudden price changes when you execute market orders.

It is possible that the price changes because of two main factors: 

  • Your order consists of a significant amount and there are not enough tokens available at a given price.
  • The order book has changed during the small moment you placed your order and it was executed.

As we explained earlier, slippage is the price difference between the placed order and the executed order. The determination of the 2% percentage guarantees you that the order will only be fulfilled if the price difference is less than 2%

In this case, the order will not be executed and your funds will not be exchanged. You will have to redo the operation.

Advanced trading

In this section you will be able to trade your tokens with more financial information available. You can see the traditional order book with the buy and sell orders and see how the market moves in real time.

You can choose to place 2 different types of orders, market and limit. The market order buys.

The order book of a given market is a registry of the buy and sell orders with their respective price. This information helps you make better decisions on your investments since you can see the aggregate market in its purest form.

A limit order is an order you place, with any price you want. The order will be registered in the order book and will only be executed once the market price reaches the limit orders price. For example: If you place a buy order with a price below the current market price, you could potentially buy the asset cheaper in an automated way, once the price of the asset dips.

Yes, you are able to cancel your open orders at any time.

No, you can easily trade tokens in the “fast trade” section.

Sadly, you can only trade your tokens inside of the Tokn1 app. This is because of the permissioned token standard the regulators force us to use. Without this standard, your digital asset tokens would not represent a real life asset and would lose all its value.

The markets in Tokn1 are open 24/7. You can buy or sell securities at any time.


You can find all relevant information about your digital assets and cryptocurrencies in the wallet section of the Tokn1 app.

There are two main reasons some of your funds may be locked. 

  • If you made a purchase in the public offering of a token, your funds will be locked until the offering is either successful, and the tokens are distributed to their respective owners, or the offering is not successful, and the funds are given back to their respective owners. It is important to note that you have to wait until the offering is either successful or unsuccessful to recoup your funds. You will not be able to cancel the operation at any time. 
  • If you place limit orders in the secondary market, your funds will be locked until you cancel the order or it is fulfilled.

We wanted you to visualize your assets as best as possible. That’s why we show a Pie chart of your portfolio where you can easily identify the most important assets you bought and their total market value.

You can easily fund your Tokn1 account by sending one of the accepted stablecoins to your personal address. To do this, go to the wallet section, click on the “deposit” button and copy or scan the address given to you by the Tokn1 app.

This usually depends on the blockchain congestion and the priority fee you pay when you send the funds. Normally, the funds should arrive in less than 2 minutes but it can take up to 1 hour or even longer, depending on the network congestion.

We initially support Polygon and Binance Smart Chain but we are working to implement additional blockchains to help you in the on-off ramp process.

You can find the “withdraw” button in the wallet section of the Tokn1 app. Here, you will be able to withdraw the accepted stablecoins to any wallet you like, or the security tokens.

This is because of the token standard our digital assets use. All our security tokens are handled by a smart contract under the ERC-3643 standart, which is a permissioned token standard. Basically, the tokens can only circulate between authorized wallets. You need to add a wallet to the Tokn1 app for your withdrawals in order for Tokn1 to put that wallet address in the smart contract protocol.

No, the fee you have to pay corresponds to the network fee. This fee is used to pay the miners to process your transaction.

Yes, you can deposit security tokens into your account. Just make sure you select the correct network when sending the tokens to your Tokn1 address.

For stablecoins you can add as many wallets as you want. For security tokens it’s only one. This is because of the nature of the permissioned smart contract token.


Security tokens is a type of token that lives in the blockchain but represents a real world asset. In the case of Tokn1, the security tokens that circulate in our app represent equity or debt of a company. This gives you the same rights.

Tokn1 does not guarantee the validity of the security tokens. This is provided by the regulatory authorities of the jurisdiction where the security tokens are initially issued. This means that you don’t depend on Tokn1 to claim your rightful ownership of the company.

Nothing. Your tokens will have the same validity and rights as always. Tokn1 is just an exchange service provider for you to buy or sell security tokens. If Tokn1 disappears, you are still able to claim your ownership rights at the company with the security token in your wallet.

In the issuance process, the regulatory authorities of each country’s jurisdiction registers how many tokens are issued by a company. This process guarantees that any token holder can exercise their rights against the company’s responsibilities.

Mainly offer and demand of a specific security token. But, since the token represents either debt or equity of a company, the performance of said company will influence the price positively or negatively. This is exactly the same as in the traditional financial market.

There will be a specific investors relationship section in the Tokn1 app. Each token will have an investors fact sheet with financial information (such as issued tokens, token price, circulating supply, etc) so you can have a complete overview of what the token represents. Additionally, each tokenized company will have to provide regular financial information that will be presented to the respective authorities.

Primary market

In this section you will be able to buy security tokens before they enter the secondary market. Similar to a traditional IPO (Initial public offering) in the traditional financial market, the tokenized companies need to raise capital. In order to do so, they sell some shares (in our case security tokens that represent shares) to the public at a fixed price.

Before we sell the tokens in our primary market, the company undergoes a financial valuation. This determines the price, depending on how many shares are sold and how much capital the company wants to raise. Since there is not a secondary market yet, the tokens are sold at this fixed price.

The minimum goal is a security measure Tokn1 implemented to protect the investors. The issuance has to reach this minimum goal before the tokens are minted and introduced in the secondary market. This protects the early investors funds in case the issuance is not successful.

Tokn1 will refund the funds to its investors.

Tokn1 implemented this feature to guarantee that all the tokens are not bought by one big investor. This way, we ensure an even distribution of the tokens between a reasonable number of investors in the primary issuance.

This is a benefit for the early investors. We want to incentivize the purchase of the tokens in the primary market. This is why Tokn1 offers a discount in each stage of the selling process.

There are two factors that determine the end of a stage, time and tokens. Any stage of a primary issuance can end, and transition to the next stage, when the tokens are completely sold or when the time of that stage has passed, whichever happens first.

The tokens will be minted in the blockchain and released once the primary issuance is successful. In case the issuance is not successful, the funds will automatically be given back to the original investors.